PR Pubs- Takeaways

I’ve reached the end of the fall semester of my junior year! My favorite class by far has been PR Publications. In this class, I learned how to utilize tools that advance my work and that I will use in my career from here on out.

Learning how to use the Adobe Creative Cloud was challenging, but so rewarding. Some tools I began to use are Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator. Each one of these programs serve specific purposes that when put together, create amazing PR Publications like newsletters, handouts, and stationary packages.

One of the most important things I learned this semester is that it’s not enough to know how to use the adobe suite. The most important part of creating effective PR publications is knowing your target publics. Without having specific goals in mind, publications really serve no purpose.

Another important thing I learned this semester as far as design goes is that there are many elements to pay attention to. For example, form, function, and balance are all elements of a publication that are essential to capture an audiences attention.

Some advice and tips i’ve learned:

Find a mentor- connect with others to get feedback and guidance so that you work is the best it can be.

Theres always room to grow when it comes to design. Something my instructor said at the beginning of the semester that resonated with me is that even the best of the best utilize a small percentage of Adobe’s capabilities. To me, this means two things:

-that the possibilities are endless

-that theres always room for improvement and more to learn.

Designing A Stationery Package

After researching and learning more about Lushra’s brand, I designed a business card, envelope, and letterhead for the brand.

It was important to me that the colors, font, and language on the publications were representative of the brand’s voice. Lushra is meant to be a company that focuses on creating beautiful and memorable events. I tried to keep this in mind when I created the stationery package.

Color was probably the most important aspect of these designs. On their website and logo, Lushra sticks to a specific shade of pink. It was important that the color was consistent on all parts of the package. Another important aspect of these designs were the fonts. I wanted the fonts to be clean, modern, and easy to read.

Overall, the most important thing to do when designing a stationery package for an organization is to know the organization well. Know their mission, their website, and also previous publications so that they are cohesive.

Communications strategy: Lushra

Lushra’s key message is that they want to make your event fun, extravagant, and Instagram worthy.

In order to communicate this message, I would emphasize visuals on the publications in order to represent the work Lushra does. As far as type goes, using fonts that are clean but also fun is important. Lushra’s events are full of color, but they don’t make a space look cluttered. This should be the same for publications.

Their logo is a great example of this. It is clean and uses a bright pink, but the font is bold and dramatic. I believe it is representative of their brand. Lushra’s publications should always sent a positive, fun message to its publics.

From researching Lushra’s competition in the party industry, I think it would be beneficial to highlight how they will come to you. A lot of local party companies sell products in order for customers to do it themselves. With Lushra, they will bring they party to you and set it up. Recently, they even purchased a customized Lushra truck (it’s pink and beautiful) to deliver their arrangements in.

Why I Love Lushra and Their Branding

Understanding an organization’s publics is the first step in design. Doing prior research creates a frame of reference for the audience to better understand the publication’s purpose.

I’m someone who’s interested in party planning, and I love the company Lushra. Lushra strives to take your party to the next level and make it “insta-worthy”. With Lushra, you have the ability to hire their team to come and set up your event, or you can purchase their products to do it yourself.

On the Lushra website, you can buy their balloons and tableware. They even sell their products in color coordinated bundles to make shopping easy for customers.

Lushra’s branding is aesthetically pleasing, colorful and over the top. This makes sense because if you are wanting to plan an over-the-top party, they are the people you go to. The company mostly targets young women and DIY’ers.

From their social media pages, many of the large scale event they do are weddings, wedding showers, baby showers, launch parties, and of course birthday parties. What separates Lushra from other party planners or just your typical Pinterest DIY is consistent branding and attention to detail. Lushra’s arrangements are larger-than-life and will not disappoint when it comes to an Instagram-worthy party.

Not only are Lushra’s parties beautiful and extravagant, but it is easy to see how much the team loves what they do. To see some of Lushra’s events and to get some tips on event planning, check out the party blog on their website.

My First Time Using Adobe Suite Programs

This fall semester, I get to take a course called Public Relations Publications. In this class, we are being familiarized with programs in the Adobe Suite like Indesign and applying them to PR writing. I think that InDesign and Photoshop are some of the most powerful tools in publication.

Before starting this class, my design skills were limited. To format and design things I used Canva, which I still use and love. However, the possibilities with the Adobe Suite are endless, so I’m excited to continue learning how to use it. Our first assignment was to format a 4 page newsletter. The thing I like most about Indesign and Photoshop is how customizable they are. It’s a bit overwhelming, but it can take your designs from average to amazing.

One thing I learned is that a lot more goes in to designing a newsletter from scratch than you would think. First, there are terms like masthead, deck, and nameplate that I did not know. For the first time, I had to pay attention to the typography and make changes to things like the kerning of words. These programs are powerful, but to use them effectively, you first have to know what a good design is.

A good design is easy to read. To make text easy to read, you can use a sans serif font for headlines and serif fonts for body text. Also, contrasting colors, size and font to create drama draws in readers’ attention. A good design should not be dull, cluttered, or confusing to the eye.

Besides learning the parts of a newsletter and typography, learning how to use the programs was a challenge in itself. Photoshop and InDesign are more complex than any other design tools I have used in the past, so it took a while to get the hang of them.

Overall, I really enjoyed this assignment because I was forced to learn the basics of the programs quickly. I’m looking forward to using Indesign in the future and learning new skills to apply to my work.

If you are a PR practitioner and want to learn how to use these programs, there are a lot of great resources out there. Of course you can learn a lot though Youtube, but LinkedIn Learning is also a great learning tool. It has tutorials and help available for Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

What Is the Enneagram Test?

The Enneagram test has become popular over the past year. People on Instagram are posting things about their Enneagram numbers and what they mean. There are even accounts dedicated to Enneagram types. 

Essentially, it’s a test you take about yourself and at the end it gives you your Enneagram number. There are 9 numbers and each number is a different personality type. Some examples of questions on the test are “I feel my emotions very deeply”, “I see the positive in every situation” and “I let other people make decisions”. Your answer choices are “accurate”, “neutral” and “Inaccurate”. 

I took the test and these were my results:

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 9.33.56 AMI was a 64% match to number 2, which is my highest match. My second was type 8 and third type 1. According to the type 2 description, I am a giver. Type 8 is the challenger and type 1 is the perfectionist. When you take the test, which is free with using this website, you have access to a lot of information on each type including what your core values are, how others can recognize each type, and even how you act and react in certain situations. 

I was surprised to find out that I agree with my results. I was skeptical of the test because how could an algorithm know how I act and think? Well, it doesn’t. It is a generalized summary of a personality type. Of course some things will be off, but this can be a helpful tool to apply to various types of relationships. 

What do you do with this information?

This information can be used to better understand others around you. It’s a tool you can use to better empathize with others as well. Whether it’s with family, partner, co-workers or random strangers, understanding each type could help you communicate with people who are different from you.

If you haven’t taken the test and want to, visit to take the test and get your results. If you find this kind of thing interesting, follow some enneagram accounts on Instagram like @enneagramenthusiasts 

Juul Is Being Sued By Victims of vaping illnesses

Vaping has grown over the past couple years and is advertised as a way to wean yourself off of cigarettes. Unfortunately, the majority of people who vape were never addicted to cigarettes in the first place and are now addicted to the nicotine in vape pens. 

Last week, a 17 year old boy from the Bronx passed away and is the youngest person to pass away from a lung related issue due to vaping. Hearing this on the news wasn’t surprising as it’s the 24th death related with vaping in the US. It wasn’t surprising, but it was upsetting. 

This map by The New York Times shows where and how many deaths have occurred. Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 8.31.55 PM

What harm do they cause?

E-cigarettes have only been around less then a decade so the research done on them is limited. What we do know is that “inhaling the two primary ingredients found in e-cigarettes—propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin—is likely to expose users to a high level of toxins and that the more ingredients a user is inhaling, the greater the toxicity”, according to The American Lung Institute.

These numbers are alarming, especially since you or someone you know probably vapes. Vaping is a trend among teens and companies like Juul are being accused of marketing towards that age group. 

Juul produces fruity flavored products wrapped in colorful candy-looking packaging. According to The National Law Review’s article by Katy Moncivais, “By analyzing Juul’s website, social media platforms, hashtags, andcustomer campaign emails, the researchers concluded that, “Juul’s advertising imagery in its first [six] months on the market was patently youth oriented.”

According to this New York Times article by Ed Shanahan and Azi Paybarah Some of the people affected by the products have filed suits against companies like Juul for things like targeted advertising toward youth and making the device small enough to hide from parents. 

What can we do to fix this crisis?

Spread the word and if you or someone you know vapes or is addicted, inform them on whats going on. Most likely they will already know. In that case, I would try to offer them professional help to quit. Although vapes have been advertised as harmless, it’s being proven that they are not harmless and can actually cause life threatening illnesses.

Target’s Anniversary Collection And My Favorite Fall Picks

Target is probably my favorite place to shop for just about anything. It’s affordable, trendy and has variety. Over the years Target has definitely progressed into a more sophisticated store. In the past 20 years the company has even partnered with high fashion designers to produce reasonably priced designer pieces. 

2019 marks the 20 year anniversary of the collaboration of Isaac Mizrahi and Target. This was the first of many designer collaborations target would have. To celebrate, the company re-launched a collection of affordable designer clothing and home decor with 20 of their previous designer collaborations. 

The partnerships include:

  • Michael Graves 
  • Philippe Starck 
  • Stephen Sprouse
  • Isaac Mizrahi 
  • Erin Fetherston 
  • Proenza Schouler 
  • Thakoon 
  • John Derian 
  • Anna Sui 
  • Rodarte 
  • Stephen Burrows
  • Zac Posen
  • Harajuku Mini
  • Missoni 
  • Jason Wu 
  • Phillip Lim
  • Altuzarra 
  • Lilly Pulitzer 
  • Marimekko 
  • Hunter

According to Target’s website, “The Anniversary Collection will be available, while supplies last, Sept. 14 at all Target stores and, with prices ranging from $7 to $160. Designer collections and items will vary by store and guests may purchase up to five items per size and color”.

“It sold out within days or even hours, those wares were snapped up for resale on eBay at prices inaccessible to the very shoppers Target initially hoped to lure”, says Ruth La Furla, from New York Times. This isn’t surprising considering how excited people were for the drop of the collaborations. 

Target has always been one of my favorite places, in general. I was excited for this launch because as a college student, designer clothes are not a realistic thing to spend money on. Aside from this anniversary collection, Target is an affordable place to shop for clothing, beauty products and home decor. 

A New Day is one of my favorite clothing brands Target carries along with Who What Wear and Knox Rose. Who What Wear is a brand that has a great collection of  work-wear pieces. A New Day and Knox Rose are both brands that carry cute and casual pieces I would wear on a regular school day. 

Here are my top 5 favorite fall pieces from target right now: Click the picture to shop. (All photos obtained from Target website)

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 6.35.22 PM

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 6.38.40 PM

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 6.32.03 PM

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 6.42.54 PM

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 6.45.03 PM

News Story- OU Awarding Honorary Degrees

April 2, 2019

This Year, OU is Awarding Two Honorary Degrees at the Commencement Exercises

NORMAN- This year, OU will award two honorary degrees to a telecommunications pioneer and a Pulitzer Prize winning attorney. OU graduate George T. Hale and OCU graduate, Rachel Cabanis will be honored at the commencement exercises in May. Since the first was given at the university in 1991, only 100 others have received an OU honorary degree. 

Standards to receive the prestigious award are made by the board of regents. Awards are granted “only in recognition of extraordinary achievement in such fields as science and technology, the arts and humanities, business and public service; or in recognition of outstanding contributions to the welfare and/or enrichment of the University, state, nation, or world.” 

Hale, age 65,  is a University of Oklahoma 1963 graduate who established the state’s first educational television cooperative in the late 1960s. When he retired from his company, Hale Communication Inc., it had more than 40 percent of the cable market. 

“Professionally, George Hale is a true pioneer in telecommunications. Personally, he is a true humanitarian,” said Provost Kyle Harper. 

Cabanis, age 44, is a graduate of Oklahoma City University. After a 20-year career working as a legal secretary for her husband, Cabanis went to Harvard and completed a degree in law. She is the author of the book, Breaking Through, which won her the Pulitzer Prize. 

“I am as thrilled to be receiving this honorary degree as I was to receive my law degree from Harvard. There is nothing like being recognized in your home state by the people who truly know you,” said Cabanis.

Harper has known Cabanis personally for many years. “She was a remarkable example then and now of the human spirit and reflects humankind’s inextinguishable desire to learn and to succeed in one’s own right,” said Harper. 

“The process for selecting honorary degree recipients at OU is rigorous, and it is fitting and appropriate to include these two in the elite corps of recipients.” said Harper, “These two outstanding individuals have made life better for scores of Oklahomans in all walks of life.”

The two will be honored at the commencement exercises at 7 p.m. Friday, May 10, in the football stadium.