My Media Inspiration: Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres has been a media inspiration for me ever since I can remember. Not only does she have a funny personality and a heart of gold, but she has these qualities despite her struggles in the past. Degeneres has made a name for herself through hard work and perseverance. Her impact on media and television will endure far beyond her show.

The Ellen Degeneres show is in its 16th season this year. Throughout those 15 previous seasons, Ellen Degeneres has interviewed hundreds of celebrities, made America smile, and made people realize they’re not just ordinary. Interviews, comedy, positivity and fun is what her show is about and people love it. Throughout her lifetime, Degeneres has been a stand up comic and produced many of her own TV shows. Her most notable show which is still airing today is the Ellen Degeneres show. A perfect example of what Ellen includes in her show’s is when she interviewed Michael Strahan on Whether or Not He Would Join NFL Players Kneeling. This is a controversial topic but she includes it because she knows how important the subject is in today’s culture. Ellen is not afraid to share her opinions on controversial topics and gives others the opportunity to do the same on her show.

Ellen’s impact on recent generations of media is huge because of the message she sends. Even if a viewer doesn’t agree with what Ellen has to say, you can’t deny her positivity. Her motto she shares at the end of each episode is encouraging and reflects her and her show well. “Be kind to one another” is something that always lingers in my mind because she constantly reminds viewers of its importance. No matter what your beliefs, values, or political affiliation may be, being kind to one another is key to peaceful living in a diverse world. For more information about Ellen Degeneres and her story, you can read her IMDb biography to learn more. 

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