Cutting Back On Spending $

white and black floral cap sleeved shirt

I am not the best at saving money and I “treat myself” too often for sure. Since I’m in college and don’t have time to work as much as before, I’ve been forced to realize where my money goes as well as how quickly it goes. I’m attempting to be smarter about how I spend my money so here are some things I’ve been doing to cut back on spending. I noticed that there are three things I spend too much money on and could avoid fairly easily. 

The number one thing I spend too much money on is food. Obviously we all need it but do we need it at the most expensive brunch restaurant in town? Sometimes. Seriously though, eating out is difficult sometimes because healthy things are almost always more expensive! So, to cut back on the unnecessary spending, I’ve been trying to eat at home when I can. I’m lucky in this way because since I’m living at home, I have this option. If you don’t live at home and feel me on this one, what are some things you do to save a little?

The second thing I spend a lot (like, a lot) of money on is CLOTHES. My boyfriend says that target is genius because they know exactly how to target people like me. He is right on that one.. Target is a weakness of mine and you can find me there way too often. Not only that but in today’s age, they make it even easier for addicts like me to spend. Online shopping?? Yes yes yes. I fill up a cart at Nordstrom Rack just to sadly exit out of the page. The way I combat this bad habit is A- Not to go to a store unless I actually need something and B- ask myself things like “Do I really need this?” and “How many times will I actually wear this?”. These questions usually make the answer clear. And that answer is NO.

The final thing I spend a big chunk of money on is my nails, hair, and facial products. I don’t spend much on these things very often, but when I do it’s a lot. Getting my nails done is one of my favorite things. I’ve limited myself on it because it tends to add up the quickest. Hair and Facial products (Skincare and Makeup) are the hardest not to spend a lot on because the best quality is usually the priciest. I don’t feel as bad knowing I spend money on products that won’t damage my hair and skin as long as it’s not too often.  

I’ll be the first to say there’s nothing wrong with splurging once in a while if you are able! However, I think there’s value in self control. Plus, cutting back on unnecessary spending is helpful in the end. I’m still going to eat overpriced brunch, buy clothes, hair, and skin products but maybe not as often as I have been.

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