College: How to Successfully Study and Stay Calm

calm down chill out GIF by Feibi McIntosh

After a little over a month into my freshman year in college, I’ve learned that the workload is much more than it was in high school. Since it’s more challenging, I had to find a way to remain calm and do well. I’ve had a few exams in the past week and I took a few steps to relieve some stress and prepare. Things like taking good notes, actually going to class, and not over studying or stressing can make a big impact on test scores. I’ve learned that being successful in school is not about going above and beyond in every class although It’s not a bad thing. How i’ve learned to be successful is to consistently put in effort and do little things to make a big difference.

My preference on exams and tests is multiple choice and short answer. No matter what form your test is in though, taking good notes will make the biggest difference. It’s a small thing to take good notes but it will make the biggest difference in your confidence and grades. Not only taking good notes but looking back on them will refresh the information and help remember it. Studying and looking at my notes throughout the day is most beneficial for me because it keeps my afternoons open for other things as well as helps me retain the information.

Keeping your priorities in line is crucial to being successful in college. Sometimes it’s hard to stay in your dorm room or go to the library when your friends are out having fun. Something that helps me stay focused is knowing that if I get my work done now, I wont stress about it later. Stress can take a toll on mental health as well as grades. I do think there is a fine line between being smart and going overboard. Research has shown that students should be getting around 8 hours of sleep a night. Sometimes that’s just not a possibility but it’s important to try and get enough rest most of the time. If you want to know more about how important rest is when it comes to school, this HUFFPOST article shows how some students made time for sleep and the positive impact it had. As much as its important to study and make school a priority, it’s also important to make time to relax and take care of yourself. If you don’t get enough sleep, or don’t nourish yourself, your studying might not reach its full potential.

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