Fall Wishlist

Fall is upon us and it’s been absolutely freezing. Mother nature did not give us much time to think about what we need and want when it comes to cold weather clothes. So far though, I love the oversized sweaters, leggings, thigh high boots (the sassiest), leggings, and fuzzy coats. I’ve created a fall wishlist with the things I love most. Links to everything will be attached to each item or product!

teddy coat
 I LOVE these teddy coats! They are a bit hard to find in stores and each one is cut a bit different. My favorite so far is the “So Soft Cozy Peacoat” by Free People. Urban Outfitters and H&M also has some that are equally as cute


These cute little necks carves (Do they have a name?) are so cute. I haven’t actually tried one on to see if they would even look good on my neck but I got to try it. They’re simple but add so much to an outfit.

Neck scarf
I saw plaid mini skirts here and there last winter/fall and never got one but I love the look. Kind of old school kind of modern. Plaid gives off such a cozy look and it’s perfect for the season!Plaid skirt



Lastly, you can pretty much find these on most websites at this time of year. These are from Saks 5th ave. and have no heal (which I prefer). They dress up a casual outfit easily and are comfortable.  Black knee high

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