Communications strategy: Lushra

Lushra’s key message is that they exist to make your event fun, extravagant, and Instagram worthy.

In order to communicate this message more effectively, I would emphasize visuals on their publications in order to present the work Lushra does to potential clients. The type should be clean but also fun to represent the brand. Lushra’s events are full of color, but they don’t make a space look cluttered or cliche. This should be the same for the publications they produce.

Their logo is a great example of this. It is clean and uses a bright pink, but the font is bold and dramatic. I believe it’s a great representation of their brand due to its contrast. Lushra’s publications should always send a positive, fun, yet professional message to its publics.

From researching Lushra’s competition in the party industry, I think it would be beneficial to highlight how they will travel to you. A lot of local party companies sell products that customers have to put together themselves. When you go through Lushra, they will bring the party to you and set it up on site. Recently, they even purchased a customized Lushra truck to deliver their arrangements and decor in.

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