Designing A Stationery Package

After researching and learning more about Lushra’s brand, I designed a business card, envelope, and letterhead for the company.

It was important to me that the colors, font, and language on the publications were representative of the brand’s voice. Lushra is meant to be a company that focuses on creating beautiful and memorable events. I tried to keep this in mind when I created the stationery package.

Color was probably the most important aspect of these designs. On their website and logo, Lushra sticks to a specific shade of pink. It was important that the color was consistent on all parts of the package. Another important aspect of these designs were the fonts. I wanted the fonts to be clean, modern, and easy to read.

Overall, the most important thing to do when designing a stationery package for an organization is to know the organization well. Know their mission, their website, and also previous publications so that they are cohesive.

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