PR Publications- Takeaways

I’ve reached the end of the fall semester of my junior year! My favorite class by far has been PR Publications. In this class, I learned how to utilize tools that advance my work and that I will use in my career from here on out.

Learning how to use the Adobe Creative Cloud was challenging, but so rewarding. Some tools I began to use are Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator. Each one of these programs serve specific purposes that when put together, create amazing PR Publications like newsletters, handouts, and stationary packages.

One of the most important things I learned this semester is that it’s not enough to know how to use the adobe suite. The most important part of creating effective PR publications is knowing your target publics. Without having specific goals in mind, publications really serve no purpose.

Another important thing I learned this semester as far as design goes is that there are many elements to pay attention to. For example, form, function, and balance are all elements of a publication that are essential to capture an audiences attention.

Some advice and tips i’ve learned:

Find a mentor- connect with others to get feedback and guidance so that you work is the best it can be.

Theres always room to grow when it comes to design. Something my instructor said at the beginning of the semester that resonated with me is that even the best of the best utilize a small percentage of Adobe’s capabilities. To me, this means two things:

-that the possibilities are endless

-that theres always room for improvement and more to learn.

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