Analyzing the Organization: Mission Statements and SWOT

A Firm Foundation

To understand an organization, its mission must be clear. A successful campaign must be built upon an organization with a clear purpose, values, and goals. Without these three things, any money and time put into ads, PR tactics, and promotions will be a waste. For more information on how to write a mission statement and what elements it should include, this article does a great job explaining where to start and why it’s important.

I think it’s interesting to analyze an organizations mission statement then look at their brand to see if it represents and fulfills the purpose it intended. For example, one of my favorite companies is Starbucks.

Starbucks mission is this:

As it has been from the beginning, our purpose goes far beyond profit. We believe Starbucks can, and should, have a positive impact on the communities we serve.

2022 Starbucks Coffee Company

This commercial is a great example of their mission statement in action. Some other ways Starbucks makes positive impacts on communities is by starting community resilience funds , advocating for racial and social equality, and focusing on sustainability .

Know Your Competition

Besides forming a solid mission statement, it is extremely helpful for a campaign strategist to perform a SWOT analysis of the organization. Out of all the preparation that goes into a campaign, the SWOT analysis has been my favorite part of the research process. I enjoy it because i’m able to gain a deep insight into the client in a simple way.

  • S- Strengths
  • W-Weaknesses
  • O- Opportunities
  • T- Threats

This technique is a great way to reveal your client’s obstacles and opportunities, but also competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. What’s really interesting about the SWOT analysis is that all four of the components interact with each other in a way that can strengthen any organization. For example, you may realize a weakness, but discover one of your opportunities could resolve the issue. Another possibility is a potential threat being resolved by focusing on a strength.

Conducting an in-depth analysis like this one also helps in risk management efforts by identifying pain points before they become crises. The SWOT analysis should be looking at the internal and external environments of the organization. It’s unfortunate, but many issues arise from within the organization itself.

This Forbes article discusses the ways in which diversity in an organization promotes growth and why diversity is so important. One reason is because without diversity and different perspectives being considered, it would be easy for an organization to present the wrong message. By examining an organization’s internal SWOT, it is clear where organizations need to adjust to better serve their publics.

Ronald Smith, author of the text Strategic Planning for Public Relations (2021) stated that the analysis should be so transparent, there should be no blind spots both internally and externally.

As I go forward in my professional career, these are ideas I will apply to my work daily. The importance of a solid mission statement and thorough analysis of a client’s organization have been central to my research and the strategies I’ve formed.