Analyzing 5 Bridges: Identifying and Analyzing Potential Clients

Who Are The Publics?

After analyzing the situation and the organization (both internally and externally), the next step is to analyze the publics. A public is anyone who has an interest in the organization and is or could potentially be a consumer of a good or service. This includes customers, producers, enablers and limiters. There are many types of publics and different ways of categorizing them. By distinguishing the larger public into smaller groups, an organization can better target a specific audience.

Illustration of publics with four spokes: 1. Customers (current, former, potential, shadow constituencies, and secondary customers). 2. Producers (financiers, suppliers, personnel). 3. Enablers (media, opinion leaders, allies, regulators). 4. Limiters (opponents, competitors, hostile forces).
Categories of Publics. Retrieved from Strategic Planning for Public Relations by Ronald D Smith 2021

5 Bridges is a wellness organization that educates an organization’s employees on healthy habits in order to create an environment that promotes individual and organizational well-being. 5 Bridges currently serves groups like school districts, police forces, and healthcare workers. Their goal is to serve fortune 500 companies.

The common trend among their current clients are those who work under immense stress. During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers, and teachers have been under extreme pressure. Similarly, in the current political and social climate, police officers have been under more stress as well.

As we begin to plan which companies 5 Bridges would be most productive in, we must first figure out what types of fortune 500 companies deal with similar issues of pressure and stress. For example, This article describes the most stressful occupations in America. Healthcare workers are among the most stressed based on this list. Now, we can search the Fortune 500 website to see a list of what large companies are in that field. Companies like CVS Health, UnitedHealth, and Cigna might be great candidates for 5 Bridges trainings.

Key Characteristics

Once you narrow down a specific public, analyzing the audience is important so that the right messages can be created for them. Ronald Smith outlines the different characteristics of publics in the book Strategic Planning for Public Relations. Demographics, readability, personal preferences, and communication habits are among the most important characteristics to analyze in your key public because without that information, you could miss the mark with strategies and tactics.

  • Demographics: “traits such as age, income, gender, socioeconomic status, lifestyle, or other relevant information about this public.” (Smith 2021)
  • Readability: “the level of reading difficulty (usually presented as the educational level achieved) that can be calculated for any piece of writing, allowing the writer to tailor the writing to the abilities of the intended audience.” (Smith 2021)
  • Personal Preferences: “the psychological and temperamental preferences of this strategic public” (Smith 2021)
  • Communication Habits: “the media or communication channels it uses. Identify intercessory publics and potential opinion leaders who might be credible message sources for this public.” (Smith 2021)

These are all traits we will be analyzing and researching for 5 Bridges so that we can successfully form relationships with large companies. It is difficult to form a good relationship with someone you don’t understand. In the same way, it is impossible to form a campaign for an organization when you don’t understand their target audience.