5 Bridges Wellness Relationship Management and Awareness

Managing Relationships with Publics

After analyzing the situation with 5 Bridges, we have found that one of their central issues is building relationships with potential clients. As Ronald Smith stated in Strategic planning for communication, forming positive relationships with decision makers in large organizations is key to break into new markets- both in the corporate and influencer space (Smith, 2021).

This Forbes article does a great job of explains the benefits good relationships can have and how to successfully form these bonds between business and client. In the article, Brian Trait says that the proper way to form lasting relationships with publics is through doing these things (Trait, 2020):

  • Be clear
  • Be consistent
  • Communicate well
  • Be positive
  • Develop good interpersonal skills

In Simon Severino’s article titled Seven Staged Of Customer Relationship Management, he discusses the importance of changing a company’s perspective from selling to serving (Severino, 2022). Making this shift in perspective has an effect on all aspects of the organization and one that will be healthy for the relationship between the business and its consumers (Severino, 2022).

Increasing Understanding Among Publics

We have found that 5 bridges is facing a huge awareness issue. Some publics’ don’t know about the organization and some may not understand how it works and what their goals are. One of our goals as a team is to figure out the best ways to reach our target audience and what messaging would be most effective.

We are using primary and secondary research methods to understand the situation and begin to figure out those elements of the campaign. Based on the data we have so far, the public is not familiar with 5 bridges’ mission and the most effective sources to spread awareness would be social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. I love how Smith explained his method on awareness. He stated that there are three stages of publics becoming aware. First, we must get their attention, next they need to comprehend the mission and goals, lastly, they must retain the information and act on it (Smith, 2021).

Famous Logos Retrieved from Logodesign.net

The image above shows some of the most well-known businesses in the United States and across the world. Besides a distinct logo, these companies have been successful in branding, partnerships, media coverage, and customer loyalty.

Effy Pafitis breaks down Mcdonalds awareness strategies and tactics in her article with Stewarding Business. To get the attention of their publics, they use billboard ads, Digital marketing, and other mediums combined with a consistent style. After getting attention, they reinforce the message of their current campaign. For example, “Follow the arches” in 2018 was an effective campaign that proved to be very successful (Pafitis, 2020).


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