Action and Response Strategies: 5 Bridges Wellness

5 Bridges Actions for Awareness

My team and I have began the process of brainstorming actions for 5 Bridges to increase the overall awareness of the organization. Ronald Smith describes action strategy as this:

A category of proactive public relations that involves organizational performance, audience participation, special events, alliances and coalitions, sponsorships, and strategic philanthropy.

Ronald Smith, 2021

I believe all of these action categories are necessary for 5 Bridges to do in order to reach the new markets they desire. As the action strategist for my team, I will be emphasizing the importance of sponsorships and philanthropy. This is a good strategy for 5 Bridges because they need to practice what they preach. Who is going to buy into the service if they are not positively impacting communities?

A company that does a great job of this type of work is CocaCola. The Coca Cola Company prioritizes community engagement and outreach (CocaCola, 2021). This is because they know how important it is to growth and in case of crisis. One reason it is such a beloved company is because of all the good works they do in communities around the world (CocaCola, 2021).

During the hight COVID, organizations had an incredible opportunity and obligation to help. CocaCola did not fall short in these efforts. One example of helping the community in a time of need is when they provided 55 million dollars to COVID relief efforts around the world. As Smith stated in his definition, philanthropic outreach is an important strategic action- especially for a growing wellness business (Smith, 2021).

What to do in times of trouble?

In public relations courses, we have always been taught

It is not IF a crisis occurs, it is WHEN a crisis occurs.

Dr. Jensen Moore

One might think that for an organization like 5 Bridges, a crisis is a far fetched idea. Unfortunately, that is not the case. No organization is above being caught in a crisis.

For example, you might think Pampers is one of the most innocent brands out there. However, it wasn’t too long ago that the brand found itself in the midst of a crisis (ABC15, 2011). This news story below explains what happened and how Proctor and Gamble’s company, Pampers, is having to fix it.

According to Smith, in this situation, or any public health situation, transparency is key. He provides these four tips for a public health crisis (Smith, 2021).

  • Do not over-reassure
  • Acknowledge uncertainty
  • Do not over-plan for panic
  • Do not ridicule public over-reaction.

In some cases, being silent is actually the right thing to do. In 2013, Cheerios released a TV ad featuring an interracial family (Stump, 2013). The ad faced criticism from racist viewers. Cheerios did not retaliate or even address the issue. This was not by accident. Sometimes a brand will intentionally let situations blow over when the know they have not done any wrong (Smith, 2021).


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