5 Bridges Communication Tactics: Events and Sponsorships

The 3 C’s of Communication

After conducting research, we are able to enter my personal favorite part of campaign building, which is communication strategy and tactics. This is my favorite part because we are able to take data and apply it in creative ways in order to reach the client’s goals. Figuring out how to effectively communicate a brand is important to formulate tactics. Ronald Smith breaks down communication into 3 categories: credibility, charisma, and control.

 Three Cs of effective communication, Ronald Smith

My team and I believe that 5 Bridges needs to communicate its credibility and charisma. As a health and wellness organization, 5 Bridges needs to communicate how its program is backed by scientific data and studies. In addition, the business needs to exemplify its attractiveness, likability, and familiarity so that the public feels comfortable using the 5 Bridges program.

Special Events and Sponsorships

Many organizations are involved in community outreach, but one of the brands best known for this is Red Bull. Red Bull is constantly sponsoring and putting on events in the extreme sports world. The brand has used its slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” to hosting motor sports, skateboarding, and even cliff diving (Ayles, 2020). Events and sponsorships like these are a great way to develop relationships within a community and spread awareness about the brand.

A type of event that would benefit 5 Bridges is a progress-oriented event (Smith, 2021). This type of function serves to encourage growth within a community and a great way to promote engagement with a business. Since one of the bridges is “give”, 5 Bridges could host a community event where a group partners with a school district and helps with maintenance tasks on school grounds (5 Bridges, 2022).


Smith, R. D. (2020). Strategic Planning for Public Relations (6th Edition). Taylor & Francis. https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/books/9781000201468

Ayles, J. (2021, December 10). From cliff diving to formula one and football: How Red Bull built a world-class sporting empire. Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesayles/2020/01/14/from-cliff-diving-to-formula-one-and-football-how-red-bull-built-a-world-class-sporting-empire/?sh=362f8955e1c1


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