Implementing Strategic Tactics for 5 Bridges

Remember the Situation at Hand

At the implementation stage of a campaign, a PR team is deep into the details of the tactics and execution of those tactics. However, it is really important to think back to step one of the campaign. Remembering why you are implementing certain tactics is important to keep the messaging in line with the situation at hand. In the craziness of scheduling, planning, and directing events and online content, it is easy to lose sight of what the issue is to begin with. However, keeping that in mind until the very end will prove to be worth it when the audience receives the message how it was intended.

Ronald Smith explains that a great way to ensure nothing is overlooked in the campaign is to “package” information based on the needs of the project (Smith, 2021). He says that tactics are like items on a menu and some go together and some don’t (Smith, 2021). Working with the organization, you must figure out what strategically works for the messaging, but also what naturally goes together (Smith, 2021). For example, you probably wouldn’t send direct mail and then promote people to use a snapchat filter.

When the Message Isn’t Received

Repetition is the most effective way to get your message across to an audience. According to Marx Communication, you do not want to repeat yourself just to repeat yourself. Instead, you want to create clear and concise messaging (Marx Communications, 2010). The reason repetition is so important is this: think about how many times you get a promo in the mail and toss it immediately or get on your phone as soon as the ads pop up on YouTube or TV. Most people will not see your message if you only say it once. However, if you say it over, and over, and over, a lot more people will hear it. According to Smith, it is also important to not over-do it.

Too-frequent presentation of the message seems unnecessarily redundant and can lead to wear-out—which, by the way, comes faster with a humorous message than with a neutral or serious one.

Ronald Smith, 2021

When Pepsi released this ad of Kendal Jenner ending BLM protests by giving out soda, the message WAS NOT received well by the public. In fact- people were outraged. It was incredibly insensitive of the brand and many people were left wondering how this got approved to be aired. This was probably a situation when a team got caught up the the opinion leader tactic, and neglected what was actually going on in society.

After the Twitter storm ripped through the brand’s image, Pepsi very quickly pulled the ad and released an apology stating they “missed the mark” (Handle, 2017). They implemented a crisis tactic that involved acting fast and responding to the public with a statement.

Applying both these concepts to 5 Bridges is important because as a wellness company, it can be hard to get people to listen (Fry, 2017).

*Header Image Received from Unsplash*


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