Evaluating the Success of the 5 Bridges Campaign

Evaluating Awareness after implementation

This final step of a campaign might be the most exciting! Finally, all the research, planning, and creating has been implemented and it’s time to see how effective the strategies and tactics are. This can be intimidating, but this is where you see all the hard work pay off. It is very important to evaluate after a campaign for a few reasons. First, it provides your client with data and information that shows you did your job well. Also, it shows what worked well and what did not work so well.

Although we will not be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign we have created for 5 Bridges, we will encourage the client to conduct some form of evaluative research if they choose to implement any of our strategies and tactics. Since awareness was our main objective, that is one area it is particularly important to collect evaluative data.

Ronald Smith breaks evaluating research into two metric categories: media coverage and impressions and a post-campaign awareness survey. If we had time going forward, we would have each survey participant retake the survey we sent out at the beginning at the end of the campaign over a year from now and compare results. Another way we would evaluate engagement is by finding features and coverage on 5 Bridges after the campaign. In the research phase of the campaign, we were not able to find any coverage on the client. A great way to measure awareness would be to research again after the campaign and find coverage on 5 Bridges.

George Weiner breaks down evaluation measures in great depth. The main ways Weiner says to track and gauge overall awareness is by looking at these six things:

  • Social reach (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Traditional Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
  • Reputation
  • Search and Interest Volume
  • National Survey

(Weiner, 2022)

Awareness Based on Exposure to the Message

Another way to evaluate awareness is simply based on distribution and frequency (Smith, 2021). For 5 Bridges, without someone on the team whose job it is to keep up with social media and news coverage, it would be easy to miss some posts, news releases, and other important awareness tactics. Evaluating message distribution even during the campaign would be a useful technique to track progress.

Next, it is important to evaluate who is being exposed to the message and how frequently. Thankfully, social media analytics make it fairly simple to acquire this data. There are also third party organizations that can be hired to keep track of mentions. These services are called clipping services (Smith, 2021).

According to this video, there are key metrics that must be tracked in order to make sure a campaign is working. By tracking these metrics, a team would be able to make adjustments based on data collected thus far.

According to Alexandria Aquino, brand awareness = ROI (Aquino, 2021). This is a great way to express to your client how important certain awareness tactics are. When presenting your ideas to a client, ROI is a way to explain the budget and the importance of spending on events, promotional items, and other costs (Aquino, 2021). Before presenting your campaign ideas to the client, it is important to make sure each tactic will have a return on the investment. This can be a challenging idea to convey to the client, but it is important so that they understand why they should use your ideas. According to an article by Michael Saba, “there’s lots of data to consider when calculating a project’s ROI, so it can be easy to find yourself struggling to make sense of your analytics” (Saba, 2021). He suggests keeping it simple and focusing on the people involved in the people involved, the time it takes and the cost/wages (Saba, 2021).


Header Image From Pixels

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