What Is an “Influencer”? And Some of My Favorites

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There are so many bloggers and influencers out there. Some have millions of followers and some have much, much less. No matter, each one has a message they’re  sending to their following. That message is so important because of how influential social media is. People don’t like the term “influencer” but that is exactly what they are. 

Of course everyone has an influence on people, but influencers are on a much larger scale. 

“What is an influencer?”,you may ask. 

An influencer is a person who gains authenticity and trust through social media to promote brands, in turn, making a commission from sales. Brands will send their products to the influencer to try out and possibly promote to their following. 

This trade-off has occasional issues. Influencers are often accused of promoting bad products for the profit or even hiding the fact they’re promoting a brand. Influencers have gotten better about acknowledging Ads. 

If you don’t think you follow an influencer, you’re probably wrong. Influencers aren’t solely in the fashion business. There are influencers in every aspect of life. (Health and Fitness, fashion, makeup, sports, music, interior design, organizing, and probably anything else you can think of) 

Since there are so many, you have the ability to decide who to see scroll across your screen. Here’s a list of 5 influencers I admire and why. 

SIVAN AYLA RICHARDS- she promotes the BEST products and companies 

I like her style (clothes accessories home)

Baby Capri is the cutest!

She’s honest 

Big on skincare 

She’s opinionated 

Insta- @Sivanayla 

Blog- https://www.sivanayla.com


Shares cute clothes 

Works really hard on her instagram 

Cute momma-to-be 

Also works in real estate 

Insta- @kelseynpatterson

LAURA GODFREY- she’s so positive

Shares sales on clothes shoes and accessories 

She’s witty and entertaining 

I don’t skip through her insta story 

Insta- @laurangodfrey

DESI PERKINS- she’s a makeup goddess 

She’s Latina!!

She’s genuine and funny 

Shares her life (not only the glamorous side) 

Big on skincare 

Insta- @Desiperkins

YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/user/DesireePerkinsMakeup

KENNEDY FRAZER- full time college student and also running a successful instagram account 

Shares workouts, makeup, clothes, accessories, and more 

She’s newer and fresh

Insta- @Kennedyfrazer




Common Fears About Going to College

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The newness of it all: I’ve always heard that freshman year of college can be the hardest, which scared me because I thought it would be the work. I quickly figured out it’s not because the work is extremely hard, but because everything is so new and you will -most likely- be out of your comfort zone. I don’t know from experience because I didn’t move away, but if your moving away from your hometown, it will probably be more difficult (but also exciting and fun).

Making new friends/ meeting new people: When I started school I imagined meeting those lifelong college friends immediately and a happily-ever-after. It wasn’t like that. Actually, the first semester of college I felt kind of lonely and secluded. Probably because I was just trying to figure out my new surroundings and do well academically. This semester is so different though! I’ve met so many people and built new friendships. So if you’re worried you won’t meet any new people, don’t, because you will in perfect timing.  

Being away from home: This is actually something I can’t relate to because I don’t live in the dorms. The main complaints I hear about the dorms are 1- people not getting along with their roommates 2- the space being too small 3- Not wanting to go back home for breaks. The new freedom you get in college usually trumps all of those issues.

Workload: The work freshman year will be your basics (unless you finished or got credit for most of them in high school). These classes will most likely be pretty easy. There is definitely more outside of class study/ work time, even for your easiest class. It’s nothing you can’t handle. Find fun places to study, study with friends and communicate with your professors. 

Major won’t work out: Do not panic! People change their major all the time and odds are you will change it anyways. You don’t have to know what you’re going to do in school, much less in life. So many people go into college “undecided” so if you have an idea of what you want to do, you’re ahead of the game. If you are undecided, you have plenty of time. 

College is so fun and it’s what you make it. Check out my other articles about college!

Freshman Year Takeaways (College Edition)

Hello friends! I just want to hop on here and share some takeaways and songs that got me through this year. 

It is not only okay, but HEALTHY to take breaks: This is true for everyone whether you’re in school, pursuing a career, raising a family, or really just doing life. Something i’m terrible at is slowing down. The lord has shown me this semester that 1- I can’t be successful if i’m overloaded with work. 2- He is persistent and constantly moving. We tend to have a mindset where we feel like we have to be doing something all the time. So the break might not even be physical, but mental.

Set goals: set realistic goals that benefit your health, faith, education, job, or whatever is important to you. For me, i’ve found that exercise is therapeutic and relaxing and something I genuinely enjoy. I’ve starting setting goals for myself in that way and i’ve felt stronger, more organized, and healthier.  

Most things are not as big as they seem: 99% of the time things work out for the best. One of my favorite quotes is “it always seems impossible until it’s done”. Life it too short to worry about things that don’t matter *me talking to myself* and if you spend your time worrying you will miss so much!

Just do it: I couldn’t think of another way to say this (good job Nike) but for real, it’s simple. A lot of fear and worry could be avoided by facing your fears, not being lazy, and just getting things done. Once you start something you’re more likely to finish, but you have to start.

Find balance: Everything is okay within reason. TRUE. If you’re with your friends more than focusing on school, it may be an issue. In the same way, not having a life outside of school isn’t great either.

Find your people: Spend time growing in those relationships! The people I’ve met the past two semesters are wonderful and I’m so grateful for each of them. College is where you might meet your lifelong friends. I’ve learned to surround myself with people who lift me up, encourage me and let me be my truest self. Those are the BEST kinds of people!

Be informed: Keep up with the news! Know whats going on around you and know what you’re talking about. Even looking at the news through twitter is better than nothing. At this point, not being informed is no ones fault but your own. It’s so easy!

Overall, OU has treated me well and I give this year a 10/10. It’s crazy how much you mature and see the people around you mature in college.


You Say- Lauren Daigle

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus- Lauren Daigle

Sucker- Jonas Brothers 

Shallow- Lady Gaga

A Million Dreams- The Greatest Showman

Talk- Khalid




What is Fake News and Why is it Important?

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Fake news has been a growing issue in media, especially with President Donald Trump frequently using the term. The word used to mean parody news or just literally false information being published. Now though, President Trump has added a new meaning to the term. Fake news can now reference something that is actually true, making the truth harder and harder to uncover.

“Fact checking” is now something consumers can use to find out if information or “fake news” is actually false. Factcheck.org was created during the presidential campaign just for this reason.

Not only is fake news confusing to media consumers, but it can also be a threat to our society. For example, after hurricane Harvey, a headline titled “Only 60 out of 1566 Churches Open To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims”. This headline was false and unnecessarily created hatred for people and religious groups. For more misleading headlines, check out “Fake News Of 2017”.

As social media makes each individual their own story teller, there are unlimited amounts of stories. Not all of them are true and many of them disagree. This kind of division has had a direct affect on the division and violence in the country. It’s unfortunate that so many people believe the first thing they hear or see. It is so important, especially right now that we fact check ourselves by using multiple sources to seek the truth. Sometimes popular media platforms do not always have the correct information.

Another way fake news can have an impact is through voters. When people vote, they usually do it based off what they hear and see in the major political news channels and papers. I don’t believe every news organization spreads fake news, but some do. 

It is essential to the legitimacy of news media to be honest. The voting population needs to make sure they know why they are voting, as well as if the information is true. For reasons like this and many more, people need to do their own research and seek the truth in media.

Sharing a false story may not sound like a huge deal but its impact is deeper than it seems.


Why I Decided To Study Public Relations at OU

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

As a kid, I never had a career I dreamt of doing. All of my friends aspired to be a veterinarians, doctors, lawyers, and professional sports players, but I never had an interest in that stuff.

It wasn’t until the rise of Twitter and Instagram that I began to want a part of media. In 2012 I downloaded Instagram and never realized how much of an impact it would have on me, my friends, and the entire world. Since then, I have learned the do’s and don’ts, the positives and negatives, but also the way it functions within organizations and businesses.

The functionality within companies is what I want be involved in. It’s so important how social media is used, especially when it is used to represent important things like healthcare, the government, and products we consume daily. 

There is so much opportunity and variety in the public relations profession. Two graduates of the University of Oklahoma Journalism and Mass Communication College are close family friends of mine. Both are extremely successful but do very different things. One went into fundraising and has met so many new people and traveled to many different countries. The other is the vice president of communications at a music label company. He also meets amazing people and has life-long memories. The flexibility and media aspects are what drew me in to be a public relations major.

On top of all of that, Gaylord is a fantastic college at the University of Oklahoma. Throughout my first semester I have been assured that I made the right decision. According to OU’s fall 2018 enrollment statistics, Gaylord is among the top 10 most enrolled colleges. This is most likely because the faculty and staff is supportive and the work is so hands on.

The opportunities Gaylord students are provided are meant to genuinely help us reach our goal. I am so excited to see where OU and Gaylord takes me through my PR degree!

My First Time at the Polls, and This is Why I Voted

This year was the first year I could vote, and I did. I’ve never been the person that openly debates issues and honestly, I didn’t understand the world around me politically. It wasn’t that I didn’t know it is important, but most things had no direct effect on my adolescent life. This past year, and well, the last two years with our new president, I began to slightly feel the impact of our government on my own life.

I am a Mexican American who is saddened by our President’s banter and ideas concerning Mexicans and Mexico. When someone like myself who has never run into a personal issue politically hears the President saying people like my sweet grandmother aren’t welcome, I suddenly run into a problem. This issue is just one of the things that caused me to want to make a change.

Another issue that confirmed my want to vote was the Oklahoma teacher strike. My dad is a Spanish teacher at Norman High school and has been for almost 20 years. Him and the rest of my wonderful, well qualified teachers deserve better pay to support their families but not just that. They deserve better pay because they are leading the future and devote their lives to it. Knowing that my dad works for the state that ranks last in funding sickened me. Teachers organized well for the most part and created awareness throughout the nation. The Oklahoma Teachers United Facebook page kept thousands of community members informed and continues to do so. I cried with my english teacher, attended the marches at the capitol, and waited patiently for November.

I am so grateful that I have the right to vote in this country. Although I could not vote in the previous presidential election, I did vote in our state election November 6th, 2018. Standing in line at 7am in the cold never felt so empowering. There was more voter participation in this Oklahoma election than any other. Despite growing division in the state and in the country, there was such a strong sense of unity at the polls. Voting for the first time was a very positive experience and taught me how important it is for my generation to be aware of what is going on locally, nationally and globally.

Eyelash Extension Review

In this post I will be documenting my eyelash extensions! Throughout the next 3 months or so, I will add updates to this post on how they hold up, the fill process, and how I like them. I’m excited and hoping it will give you some first hand experience on if they’re worth it.

Flaunt salon in Norman is where I got my lashes done. Liz is amazing and I will link her at the end of this post! The regular full set is priced at $150+.  They’re generally set at a high price but most customers say they are worth it. Cosmopolitan did a “Roadtest” on somebody’s experience first hand. “The only downside: they’re addicting” the author writes. I would say that if you are being charged much over $150, find somewhere else. At the same time, if a salon charges less than $100, the person applying them might not be very experienced.

The process: The esthetician will talk you through different types of lashes (Regular, volume, and hybrid) and figure out what is best (I went with the hybrid lashes). Then, to keep your bottom lashes out of the way, a gel eye pad will be placed under your eye. It’s not the most comfortable set up but its not too bad. After this, the lashes will be applied one by one. This is a long process whenever you’re getting a full set done. The most important thing is to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. My appointment lasted about 2 hours and 15 min so by the end I was pretty fidgety and ready to open my eyes. 

When I saw them I was happy with how they turned out and surprised at how much of a difference they make. I was given a few spoolies to use throughout the day as well as some instructions for aftercare. The only negative about aftercare is you cannot shower or get your eyes wet for at least 24 hours. As far as keep up, micellar water is recommended to keep oil buildup away from the lashes. Fills are $60 at Flaunt and they’re required every 2-4 weeks depending on how they keep up. I don’t want to say if they are worth it or not yet because I want to see how they hold up. As of right now though, I LOVE THEM.

UPDATE: Hey! I’ve had my extensions for about 10 days now and I am Loving them! They seem to be holding up really well despite washing my face and showering like normal. I am starting to notice some of them falling out but that’s completely normal since they fall out at the same rate of your natural lashes. I will be getting a fill in about a week (I will have had them almost 3 weeks). The fill is 60 dollars and will take about an hour. Since I love them so much and I’m comfortable with them, I might get a little more dramatic look. They are much more low maintenance than I thought they would be. All I do is cleanse the roots with a small sponge-ish brush and micellar water.

@Elizabethannmua on instagram!

If you have any questions about the process or where to go, comment below!

What Makes A Great Film?

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Movies are a huge part of American culture and some are better than others. But, what makes a movie worth watching, meaningful, and successful? There are many elements that make movies entertaining and a movie doesn’t necessarily need every element to be a good one. Comedies, romances, horror, children’s, and tragedy movies all contain one or more of these characteristics. Engaging character development, script, actors, and a good message. This is what separates a decent movie from a great movie.

For example, The Greatest Showman was a hit in 2017 and one of the greatest box office hits of all time. This movie was so successful because it contains interesting characters, script, actors and has a great message. Even with all the musical theatre which might not be a lot of viewers cup of tea, it was successful. The audience is taken on an emotional rollercoaster of light-heartedness, sadness, and beaming happiness. To watch a clip of what the greatest showman is as a whole, you can watch the song “This is Me” from the film. The spirit of the movie as a whole is shown through this song and its positivity is contagious.

Because I’m a complete Hugh Jackman fangirl, The Prestige also comes to mind when I think of great movies. “The prestige” is very different than the greatest showman and is meant for more mature audiences. It’s a science fiction thriller that emphasizes the character development element more than others. The audience is trying to figure out who exactly the characters really are and by the end, the truth is revealed. Throughout the character development, suspense is created. The message of the movie is well represented by the storyline and adds to the film also. Unlike “The Greatest Showman”, the theme of the movie is unclear till the end but works well.

These two movies that are very different in genre, theme, and style are also both great movies. The message, script, characters, actors, and character development are what makes a good movie great. Without these elements the audience wouldn’t be connected to the movie. Film is so entertaining to people because we get a change to escape our world and enter the world of someone else. If film is executed correctly, it can be life changing. Movies are objective and one person may hate a movie with high ratings and and vice versa. But, for the most part without these elements it would be hard for a movie to be successful.