About This Project

During the spring semester of 2020, I completed JMC 3423, Public Relations Writing,” taught by Dr. Meta G. Carstarphen. I selected Madison Claire Photography as a client for this semesters work. Here are some of my favorite assignments that I completed.

Media Pitch- Madison Claire Photography

Madison Claire Photography Feature Pitch

Hello Kelsey,

I’m a long time follower of your blog and I love seeing your Lush and Vici try-on’s!

If you’re familiar with Kyler Murray and his social media, you are familiar with Madison Compton’s work. Madison was the photographer for Murrays Heisman shoot, as seen in Sports Illustrated. Madison began practicing photography as a 15-year-old freshman in high school. By 2018, Madison’s Freshman year In college, she ran and operated her part-time portrait photography business and also began working as a part-time photographer for OU Athletics. 

Madison would love to do a shoot with you! 

If you have any questions or would like to work with Madison, contact me by email, call, or text. To see a gallery of Madison’s work, you can visit her Instagram @madisonclaire.co

 Olivia Stone, PR consultant 

Email- stoneolivia34@gmail.com 


The media pitch is a strategic writing tool that captures the essence of a human interest story that has the potential to develop into a feature article.  By definition, a feature must connect with “the human condition” in a broad way that could be of interest to audiences outside of your organization.  In addition, plan a second pitch idea that imagines your client as an “expert” commenting on a current trend.

For Madison Claire Photography, I thought it would be appropriate to reach out to a local successful Instagram influencer. Since this person is local, they would be reaching the same publics, and based on the influencer’s followers, she could also be speaking to potential clients of Madison Claire Photography.


Madison Claire Photography Backgrounder

Madison Claire Photography Backgrounder

For more information contact Olivia Stone (olivia.f.stone-1@ou.edu)

Madison Claire Photography was officially established in 2017 by Madison Compton. Madison is a sophomore in Art, Technology, and Culture (ATC) major at the University of Oklahoma. Madison’s passion is photography and she loves capturing moments from behind the camera. She began practicing photography in 2015 as a freshman in Highschool. By sophomore year, people were reaching out to her asking if she would take their photos. By Junior year of Highschool Madison began making money taking portrait photos.

 By 2018, Madison’s Freshman year In college, she officially started her part-time business of portrait photography and also began working as a part-time photographer for Oklahoma Athletics. As of now, Madison Claire Photography offers 5 different types of sessions including senior photos, couple photos, prom, birthdays, and styled shoots. 

Madison has been successful for many reasons. Not only is Madison talented, but her clients can tell you that she has a passion for people. Madison is focused on her clients having fun and making their time together memorable. The business’s social media reflects her creativity and makes it easy for potential clients to see her photo style. @madisonclaire.co on Instagram has over 1,500 followers and more than 200 examples of her work. About 90% of Madison Claire Photography clients are seniors. More information about Madison and her photoshoots can be found on her website.


This backgrounder provides essential information about Madison but also her business’s history. It provides a few details about Madison Claire Photography and also some facts about her. It also includes her social media pages and a link to her website. This backgrounder is intended to reflect her key message as well.

Madison Claire Photography Photos With Cutlines


Photo by Madison Compton

Olivia Stone posing for a birthday portrait shoot at the University of Oklahoma.


Photo by Madison Compton

Taylor Woodin (left) and Olivia Stone pose at the Wichita Mountain State Park.


Photo by Madison Compton

Claire Wilson modeling in Norman, OK for a styled portrait session.


Photo by Madison Compton

Caden Thomason modeling for a senior shoot in downtown Oklahoma City, OK.



These photos with captions are intended to represent Madison Claire Photography’s photo style. They could also be used to get an idea of where photoshoots typically take place and the variety of shoots she has. These photos are especially useful in Madison Claire Photography’s case because her main landing page is Instagram.

Madison Claire Photography Live Event Plan, Speech, and Slides

IGTV Photography Tutorial Plan, script and slides

Olivia Stone

Tutorial Topic: How to take great photos and edit them on an iPhone.

Promoting the event:

● We would upload a post letting followers know that there is an IGTV tutorial coming soon. This post would include a photo taken and edited on Madison’s phone and also an unedited photo so that followers can see how much better the photo got. This post would also include what the IGTV will be about and when it will be uploaded.

● Post an Instagram story with polls such as: Which device do you own- Apple or Android? As well as an Instagram live explaining why she is making an IGTV tutorial. She would say something like “I know this is a difficult time, and I miss my clients, but I have some cool tricks I want to share with you!”

● Go live a day before the event reminding people to tune in or watch the IGTV once it’s uploaded.


Madison would film this IGTV in her own bedroom to make it more personal, which is especially important during this quarantine. Since the majority of people don’t own fancy expensive cameras and lenses, Madison would show her followers how to take quality photos using an iPhone and also the apps and filters she uses to edit them. Madison lives with two roommates so she could photograph them in real-time as models. She would use those pictures to edit. After showing a slide and explaining what she is going to do, she could have her roommate model for some photos and record it. Once she has some photos to work with, it would be beneficial to her audience to screen record her phone to show how she edits them. She would just narrate and talk to her followers through the steps she takes.

Call to action:

After the tutorial, she should ask her followers if they would like to see more content like this one. Also, she could offer a giveaway as 1: something for people to look forward to and 2: As a way to possibly gain followers in a stagnant season. She would then offer comforting words to her followers since many of them might be feeling some stress.


Intro: “Hi everyone! I am so excited to do this tutorial for you all! I miss being behind the camera and seeing everyone’s pretty faces so much!

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix and baking a bunch of cookies to keep myself busy. What have you all been doing to contain your cabin fever? Let me know in the comments because I would love to try something new!

I was editing photos from my last shoot and thought of something I could do for you all that could be helpful and fun. A lot of people think that to take quality photos, you need a fancy camera, but that just not true.

Today I am going to show you all my tips and trick to take bomb photos on your iPhone and how to edit them using free apps in the app store! Let’s get to it.”

Conclusion: “I hope that helped everyone and I hope I taught you something new! If you try these tips out, post your photo and tag me! I would love to see your quarantine photos.

I know many people are struggling during this time. It may be financially, physically, or mentally. We have all been affected by this virus and I want to give you all something to look forward to.

That’s right- Madison Claire Photography is doing another giveaway. The giveaway will include a 45min long session after things go back to normal. This giveaway is valued at $250. I will post the details on how to enter shortly! I had so much fun today and I want you all to know I’m thinking about you!

The more cautious we are now, the quicker this will all be over! If you are a graduating senior, I’m so sorry for the toll this has taken on this special time. Congratulations on this huge accomplishment. Keep on keeping on everyone! I will be in touch soon. Bye!”



The speech is an opportunity for the client to engage with its publics on a more personal basis while emphasizing key messages. The goal is to “script” a short talk that goes with a live event planned for a social media platform.

I chose Instagram for the Madison Claire Photography live event since that is her main landing page. I chose an IGTV so that people could easily watch it and rewatch at any time. I did plan this event to take place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the event, I focused on being positive since that is what everyone needs right now.

Madison Claire Photography FAQs


  • How can I book a session?


To book a session with Madison, you can visit her website to book a session. Also on the website is information about Madison Claire photography as well as shots from other sessions. 


  • I’m a senior, when should I have my photos done?


Fall is a great time to have senior photos done, although Madison takes senior photos year-around. It is suggested to book at least 3 months in advance. 


  • How many different senior sessions are there?


There are 3 different sessions to choose from. 

 30 min session includes 1 location and 1 outfit change. You will receive 30 edited images. 

The 1-hour session includes 1-2 locations and outfit changes. You will receive 75 edited photos. 

The hour and 15 min session includes 2 locations and 3 outfits. You will receive 100 edited photos. 


  • Why Choose Madison Claire Photography?


With Madison Claire Photography, you can count on feeling confident and getting authentic quality photos. Madison focuses on bringing out your personality. As a college student, Madison can relate to her client’s wants and will do everything in her ability to help you feel comfortable. With Madison Claire Photography, it isn’t just a photo shoot, it’s an experience. 


  • Can my friends and family come to the photoshoot with me?


Absolutely! Bring whoever you want that will make you feel the most comfortable! We want this to be a fun and memorable experience. We do recommend you bring no more than 2 guests.  


The FAQs about the client invite you to anticipate reservations your publics might have, and answer them in allows you to collect and distribute FAQs about an organized and influential way. FAQS are normally written as questions, with specific answers.

For a photographer, it’s important to make your clients feel as comfortable as possible. Not everyone likes to be in front of a camera. For that reason, I chose questions and answers that might ease some potential clients minds.

Madison Claire Photography Infographics



The Client Infographic is an opportunity to highlight key information about a client “graphically,” or visually. Infographics take numerical facts about its subject and present these in a coherent way that tells a story to the intended public.

For Madison Claire Photography, I felt it was important to capture her photo style in the infographics. I highlight facts about the business in a way that might answer general questions about Madison and her photoshoots.

Madison Claire Photography Fact Sheet

●Madison has been a photographer since 2016

● The cost of a session starts at $175 depending on the length, how many locations, and outfit changes.

● The shoots vary in length, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes.

● As of now, Madison Claire Photography has 5 different photoshoot options including seniors, styled shoots, couples, birthdays, and prom.

● About 90% of Madison’s clients are seniors.

● You can find over 200 examples of Madison’s photography on the @madisonclaire.co Instagram!

● @madisonclaire.co on Instagram has over 1,500 followers.

● Madison uses a Canon 6D and 24mm and 50mm lenses.

● Madison is an Art, Technology, and Culture (ATC) major at the University of Oklahoma.


The Client Fact Sheet allows you to collect and distribute facts about your organization/business in an organized and influential way. Facts are the building blocks of information that can help persuade your publics to:

  • greater awareness about who your client is and what the client does
  • a more positive shift in attitudes about what your client does and the client’s brand
  •  positive and direct actions on behalf of your client organization

Since Madison is the owner and only operator of her business, I tried to incorporate facts about her as well as facts about shoots and cameras.