Alumni Association Newsletter

OU Alumni Association Newsletter 

May 2, 2019 

[Alumni Legacy Program] 

As an Alumni Association member, you can join the Alumni Legacy Program. If your children are Sooner born, this program is a great opportunity for your children to join in on the spirit of the university.  

“The goal of the program is to foster the Sooner spirit and loyalty to OU to our children. It is meant to encourage our future Sooners to follow in their parents footsteps,” said Jennifer Dooley, the program coordinator. 

Legacy members will have a scholarship opportunity their freshman year at OU, they will receive a special invitation to be a part of the Student Alumni Association and recognition at commencement activities.  

“The benefits of being a Legacy member include free entrance to the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History during their birth month, fifteen percent off OU gear in the online Alumni Store as well as invitations to future Legacy events,” Said Dooley. 

Every legacy member will also receive age appropriate gift such as toys, clothing, commencement cord and an enrollment certificate.  

“The gift program is for children aged 0-16 however there are benefits for incoming freshmen and current OU students.” said Dooley. 

Enrollment is a one time fee of $120 per child for OU Alumni Association paid members and $150 per child for non-members. Only children or grandchildren of OU graduates are eligible for Legacy enrollment. 

[OU Clubs] 

OU Alumni Clubs are an extension of the University of Oklahoma Alumni Association. If you’re living out of state, find an OU club near you to stay connected! 

“We have about 110 clubs and they are mostly regional groups but we do have some affinity groups like the black alumni societies and the American Indian societies,” said Andrew Wertz, coordinator for the OU Clubs program. 

All OU clubs are volunteer based and want to keep OU grads connected through fun things like watch parties in the fall. 

“One of the impactful things we do among the clubs is raise money for scholarships,” said Wertz.  The university will match the amount of money that was raised by the club in a tuition waiver. 

Another goal of the OU clubs is to acclimate young alumni into their new environment, wherever that may be. The OU community does not leave you after graduation. Having a community of Sooners 

“If you’re a young alum and moved to a new state or city, we want you to be involved so that you can make connections to other OU graduates but also so they can get involved in the new community,” said Wertz.

Clubs are a great way to celebrate being a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. If you have questions regarding a club in your area and want to be involved, contact Andrew Werz at

[SAA: OU Ring] 

The OU ring is a token of pride and memories that you can have after you graduate from the university. The ring symbolizes the people you met and places you have been at your time at OU. 

“When you’re able to wear your ou ring, you have so much pride for your school but also your accomplishments,” said Caitlin Montgomery, Director of Student Engagement. “We refer to it as your wearable diploma.”

When you go out into the work world, you can carry that pride with you and remember all the things you did at OU. 

“My ring has had a part in guiding my career path. Not to mention, it’s a great conversation started and can help you get connected to other alum,” said Montgomery. 

With the purchase of the OU Ring, you will also receive a keepsake box decorated with the OU seal. The ring has a unified design and you are able to customize your ring in yellow gold, white gold and two-tone gold with either an antique or natural finish. 

To get your ring, you are required to have completed 75 credit hours. OU rings are available to all student and alumni. 

[Boomer Bash] 

  Boomer Bash is a tailgate hosted by the Alumni Association. Come enjoy the pre-game excitement with food, drinks and  The Pride of Oklahoma.  

Boomer Bash makes tailgating easy by providing you with everything you need to enjoy your gameday. 

“Boomer bash is one of our largest events, especially in the fall semester,” said Caitlin Montgomery, Director of Student Engagement. 

Boomer bash is held in the union courtyard before home football games. 

“There are games, food and drink and alcohol for those of age” said Caitlin Montgomery, “The Pride comes by as well as the OU cheer and pom teams, the mascots and even basketball teams”. 

The event is an opportunity to unite with other alumni, family and friends to share the pride of the university. 

“Typically we have an average of 400 to 500 people come,” said Montgomery

To attend Boomer Bash, you can register before game day by contacting the alumni office or pay the day of the game. 

[OU Texas Weekend] 

OU Texas weekend is the most looked forward to event of the Fall at the University of Oklahoma. Thousands of fans gather together at the Cotton Bowl to witness the Longhorns and the Sooners compete once again. 

The Alumni Association travels to Dallas, TX and experiences all the excitement together. The goal of the alumni association is to carry on the traditions of the university. 

“We give everyone a place to gather to be with other alumni, family and friends,” said Deborah Foster, OU Texas event coordinator.

When you travel with Alumni, you are surrounded by friends, family and other alumni. There is a reception, breakfast, Sooner store and more. 

“We have an Alumni Association reception, a breakfast and also a store where you can buy OU merchandise before the game,” said Foster.

More information will be available on OU Texas 2019 this coming summer. For more information, contact the OU Alumni Office. 

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