Madison Claire Photography Backgrounder

Madison Claire Photography Backgrounder

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Madison Claire Photography was officially established in 2017 by Madison Compton. Madison is a sophomore in Art, Technology, and Culture (ATC) major at the University of Oklahoma. Madison’s passion is photography and she loves capturing moments from behind the camera. She began practicing photography in 2015 as a freshman in Highschool. By sophomore year, people were reaching out to her asking if she would take their photos. By Junior year of Highschool Madison began making money taking portrait photos.

 By 2018, Madison’s Freshman year In college, she officially started her part-time business of portrait photography and also began working as a part-time photographer for Oklahoma Athletics. As of now, Madison Claire Photography offers 5 different types of sessions including senior photos, couple photos, prom, birthdays, and styled shoots. 

Madison has been successful for many reasons. Not only is Madison talented, but her clients can tell you that she has a passion for people. Madison is focused on her clients having fun and making their time together memorable. The business’s social media reflects her creativity and makes it easy for potential clients to see her photo style. on Instagram has over 1,500 followers and more than 200 examples of her work. About 90% of Madison Claire Photography clients are seniors. More information about Madison and her photoshoots can be found on her website.


This backgrounder provides essential information about Madison but also her business’s history. It provides a few details about Madison Claire Photography and also some facts about her. It also includes her social media pages and a link to her website. This backgrounder is intended to reflect her key message as well.

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