Madison Claire Photography Fact Sheet

●Madison has been a photographer since 2016

● The cost of a session starts at $175 depending on the length, how many locations, and outfit changes.

● The shoots vary in length, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes.

● As of now, Madison Claire Photography has 5 different photoshoot options including seniors, styled shoots, couples, birthdays, and prom.

● About 90% of Madison’s clients are seniors.

● You can find over 200 examples of Madison’s photography on the Instagram!

● on Instagram has over 1,500 followers.

● Madison uses a Canon 6D and 24mm and 50mm lenses.

● Madison is an Art, Technology, and Culture (ATC) major at the University of Oklahoma.


The Client Fact Sheet allows you to collect and distribute facts about your organization/business in an organized and influential way. Facts are the building blocks of information that can help persuade your publics to:

  • greater awareness about who your client is and what the client does
  • a more positive shift in attitudes about what your client does and the client’s brand
  •  positive and direct actions on behalf of your client organization

Since Madison is the owner and only operator of her business, I tried to incorporate facts about her as well as facts about shoots and cameras.

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