Madison Claire Photography FAQs


  • How can I book a session?


To book a session with Madison, you can visit her website to book a session. Also on the website is information about Madison Claire photography as well as shots from other sessions. 


  • I’m a senior, when should I have my photos done?


Fall is a great time to have senior photos done, although Madison takes senior photos year-around. It is suggested to book at least 3 months in advance. 


  • How many different senior sessions are there?


There are 3 different sessions to choose from. 

 30 min session includes 1 location and 1 outfit change. You will receive 30 edited images. 

The 1-hour session includes 1-2 locations and outfit changes. You will receive 75 edited photos. 

The hour and 15 min session includes 2 locations and 3 outfits. You will receive 100 edited photos. 


  • Why Choose Madison Claire Photography?


With Madison Claire Photography, you can count on feeling confident and getting authentic quality photos. Madison focuses on bringing out your personality. As a college student, Madison can relate to her client’s wants and will do everything in her ability to help you feel comfortable. With Madison Claire Photography, it isn’t just a photo shoot, it’s an experience. 


  • Can my friends and family come to the photoshoot with me?


Absolutely! Bring whoever you want that will make you feel the most comfortable! We want this to be a fun and memorable experience. We do recommend you bring no more than 2 guests.  


The FAQs about the client invite you to anticipate reservations your publics might have, and answer them in allows you to collect and distribute FAQs about an organized and influential way. FAQS are normally written as questions, with specific answers.

For a photographer, it’s important to make your clients feel as comfortable as possible. Not everyone likes to be in front of a camera. For that reason, I chose questions and answers that might ease some potential clients minds.

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